About Us

Hi! We are Heather and Sandie, founders of The Cultured Elephant’s Banjo Brews!

We’ve been great friends for nearly 20 years and share a passion for travel, adventure, great friends and living well. When we say living well, we mean, balancing our love of good food and wine with healthful food choices that help us feel fantastic, healthy and happy.

We started brewing kombucha at Ritual Cafe in 2013 after struggling to find a tasty alternative to alcoholic beverages, that wasn’t crammed full of sugar, flavourings and concentrates. We believe that the key to a good diet isn't restricting yourself, it's finding a happy balance. Kombucha is often the first step for people to make that healthy lifestyle change.

The result is Banjo Brews - a delicious, low-sugar, refreshing fermented iced tea bursting with healthy probiotics to promote good gut health.

Banjo Brews is New Zealand owned and operated.